A New Heart (and Kidney!) for Mike Hargett  
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Just 17 months after Mike had his successful heart transplant at Cedars Sinai in LA, he gratefully received Alicia's "pristine" kidney at OHSU on Oct. 31, 2017!

Mike is the first hemophiliac in the country to be a double-transplant recipient!

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In the past three years, Mike has lost 280 pounds, was treated and cleared of the hepatitis C he contracted from a blood transfusion when he was 2 days old, is the first person in the US with hemophilia to receive a heart transplant, went through 7 months of kidney dialysis, and now successfully underwent his second transplant with Alicia's donated kidney. 

We hope you'll continue to support him in his journey ... this man is a fighter! Check back often for the latest news.
Mike and donor Alicia, 2 days after transplant!